Path of Classic Devblog #3 - Recent Changes, BETA and More!

October 23, 2020, 12:51 pm

Welcome back Champions of Azeroth, it is that time of the week again!

This weeks Devblog will give you information related to many interesting little key changers within Path of Classic.

And probably most importantly of all, An actual date for BETA!


  • Quest "The Emerald Dreamcatcher" is no longer repeatable and will send you to the next quest in the chain.
  • Quest "The Wakening" is now completable and Lilian Voss is ready to hand you your quest-credit.


  • Resolved an issue that would cause the communication between the Gameserver and the Website to be unstable or at certain times even un-reachable.
  • Re-worked the Idle-Kick Logic. If a player has ended the game session and has not returned within 60 seconds. The player character is removed from the world.
  • The Firemaw BETA Gameserver was moved to a new host which offers more resources. 
  • Email Activation is now mandatory upon account registrations from this date and forward.
  • Account Recovery (forgot password) was reworked and is now functional and available.



  • Added a "Home" button to the menu bar that will take you to the main-page of the Path of Classic Website. 


  • Disabled the Dungeon Finder System. A poll will later be held if this is to remain as a permanent thing or not.
  • Fixed a major movement issue where an NPC would not be able to generate the correct path given. But would still attempt to complete the path regardless, resulting in significant delay and or essentially game crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Temp Summoned Creatures would ignore Health-Regeneration (I.E Mirror Images)
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian Pets where they had the chance get stuck in an Evade Loop State.
  • Fixed an issue where Players were not thrown into combat state if their pets were thrown into combat.
  • Implemented an Anti-Advertisement System (To prevent/reduce the chances of gold sellers and or other ToS Violating RMT parties)
  • Health, Mana, Rage, Focus and Energy Regeneration was decreased by an additional 15% which adds up on the existing decreasement of 25% which now is a total of 40%.
  • Insanity Loss was increased by 100% Insanity now defects at 4 per tick instead of 2.
  • Lunar Power loss was increased by 50%.


  • Touch of Zanzil is no longer usable in Stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to train already learned riding skill.


Path of Classic - Firemaw BETA Information.

Allow me to start this sentance off by saying how grateful we are for your existance and that you've chosen to devote your time here at our place. I believe it is time we can give something back. Within this paragraph of information. You will get to know the date where you can expect to see Firemaw go into a BETA. You all have waited patiently for this and we cannot thank you enough for the patience and support you have provided us.

Now before i disclose the date, i believe there are some important factors that need to be pointed out.

Firemaw is in an development phase (Heavily in an development phase!) we therefor ask that you show sympathy towards us and that you do not judge the final product by looking at our BETA. There are and will be many things that will look either out of place, or be bugged or heavens know what will happen. But that is why we have a BETA. To specifically uncover all this nonsense we dont want in our final product.

Should you happen to encounter problems. Navigate to our bugtracker by visiting this link

Report the problem accordingly with as much information as you over all can provide us with. Thank you!

The date i have set is as following 27.11.2020 - GMT 18:00. This is the date where you can expect to be a few of the lucky who receive BETA Invitations. This will be distributed per E-mail or Discord (a good mixture of both). Now this is only the first wave of many. We will start with a small wave first to see how everything plays off and uncover any stability issues and continue to send out new waves accordingly.


We have also released an Q/A Video answering some of the questions that were asked by the our Community Members on our Discord Server.

If you wish to take a look. You may do so below

As always. Thank you for reading our #3 Devblog and we hope you enjoyed the read and are just as excited for Path of Classic as we are!

Much Love from the Path of Classic Team.



October 26 2020 - 15:40 PM

the best server incomings !!!! 



October 31 2020 - 02:10 AM

We really appreciate the kind words, Thank you! :)

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