Path of Classic Devblog #4 - Recent Changes, Rework Information and Development Progression

October 31, 2020, 01:36 pm

Champions of Azeroth! You know what time it is.

Development Progression

Allow me to start off this Devblog by letting you know of our current Development Progression.
It has been a hefty 4 weeks of intense development, movement of the server to many different hosts in order to find a good reliable place we can call home.

We've finally found the place we believe is just right for us! We are all about being transparent here and we would love to share the specifications of our New Dedicated Machine. They are as following!

CPU: Intel i7-4770 3.40GHz 4 Cores / 8 Threads (We are looking to perhaps trying out an AMD Ryzen/Another Intel at some point)

RAM: 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 (We are looking to upgrade to DDR4 down the road)

Storage: 4TB HDD (7200rpm) (Planning to update to SSD/NVME)

Connection: 1Gbps // Average MS should be anywhere from 50ms to 65ms // With DDoS Protection that is fully automated.

Location: Germany // Falkenstein. 

Now we want to adresse that this is not our so to speak final machine. But it is what we are going to start with. We are running performance tests and we are very happy about the results that are coming back and i believe it is very certain that this will be our go-to server for BETA. We will see how it all plays out during BETA. Should this turn out to not be enough. Then we will upgrade accordingly! You will of course be notified about this when it happens and if it happens.

Rework Information

In the Questions and Answers Video posted in last weeks Devblog we had a question related to mechanics that are boring/broken or whatever. And i figured we'd update you on this a little further. We have decided to in many cases entirely re-work full dungeons with brand new mechanics and in some cases even brand new creature designs. Now we do pay attention to how Blizzard had their design layout and are happy to say that we are using their Dungeon Design Layout as our Formula for the reworks. Now I cannot specifically what dungeon / raid is being reworked at this perticular moment. But you will be notified both per Announcements and Changelogs. Now the very positive benefits from doing this. Is that we get to remove old bugged code from the Gameserver and move it into specifically being coded through a system called SmartScripts. This will furtherly allow us to store the entire boss encounter in our Database and thus will perform as a stability improvement. We will of course in-depth add variated mechanics and phases to all of the bosses / creatures we rework and this will add more on-to the "un-explored" feeling. There is truly no formula for how the game content is to be scripted and you will now have to either figure it out, read our changelogs or communicate with the community to find out how all of this works. Now this is one of the main things that made World of Warcraft so special. And we thrive to re-instate that feeling. 

Recent Changes (Grabbed from the Changelogs Channel)



  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Northern Stranglethorn.
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in The Cape of Stranglethorn.
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Durotar.
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Orgrimmar(Durotar).
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Northern Barrens.
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Winterspring.
  • Further cleanups and quality control has been carried out in Tanaris.
  • Maps and Un-used areas are now un-loaded after 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Meaning if there is no player or character currently logged in within that Map or Area the server will un-load to preserve Gameserver Resources.
  • Fixed an crash issue within the Deadmines Dungeon.
  • Started a massive teardown of the Deadmines Dungeon (Scheduled for Overhaul/Rework)
  • Ogre Henchman was given a knockback Mechanic (Deadmines)
  • Mining Power no longer moves around and are rooted in place, Also explodes if Dungeon NPC(s) walks over it (Deadmines)
  • Defias Cannon no longer shoots cannon balls if no creature is controlling it (Deadmines)
  • Quality Control was carried out and the entire tunnel towards the second boss is now cleared/cleaned (Deadmines)


  • 60% Mount Speed is now Learn-Able at level 40 (Previously was level 20, Per client it will still say level 20 but it is infact level 40 // We are looking into this).
  • 100% Mount Speed is now Learn-Able at level 60 (Previously was level 40, Per client it will still say level 40 but it is infact level 60 // We are looking into this).
  • Report is now resolved and works as intended.


  • [Herbalism] Players will now be dismounted when attempting to pick up Herbs
  • Druid players will no longer be able to perform mining in a shapeshift and will now be kicked out of it upon attempting to perform mining.
  • Added our new Discord Bot designated for Firemaw, This Discord BOT currently only shows Online/Offline Modes but will also show uptime (More features are to be added to this BOT within time).
  • Performed additional tests to discover methods of running our Gameserver. In an attempt to improve performance (The results were very enlightening and informative)
  • Firemaw was transferred to our new Dedicated Machine which also is considered our Machine for BETA (Beta Preparations)
  • Path of Classic Website was re-coded and slightly re-designed and Mobile-Friendlyness / Responsiveness was taken more into account this time. Further checks and monitoring will have to take place // as well as improvements.
  • Resolved an issue with the communication between the Website and the Gameserver. Which in many cases would result in poor load-time of the Website. Load-Time should now have been decreased significantly. ( We will continue to monitor the over-all performance and user experience to improve accordingly)



  • All Reforger Vendor(s)/Creature(s) were removed from the game. You are un-able to reforge anyways (due to ilvl limits). Reforger NPC(s) also strictly goes against the Classic standards


Thank you once again for sticking with us and following up on our development. We are so excited for the future of Path of Classic and cannot wait for the BETA! Until next time Champions.

Ohh! Before i forget, Happy Halloween!

Yours Truly, Path of Classic Team.

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