Path of Classic Devblog #5 - Major changes & project information

November 6, 2020, 05:18 pm


This devblog will be designated for two topics only, Major Changes and Some Project Information.


We'll start with the Major Changes

Before the changelog, we would like to proudly announce the removal of Creature Scaling. As of a couple of days ago creatures no longer scale depending on the player level, quests however currently still do. But it is scheduled for removal as well, we have collected valuable information regarding the last pieces of scaling and are making great progress on removing them.

We have also scaled down Onyxia's Lair for level 60 and we have tested multiple raids and we are proud to announce that almost all of boss scripts are intact, some will be given extra flavor and some will be completely redone. as a surprise we would like to keep which boss do what a secret. When the raid releases we will release the changelogs for those specific bosses to help up on the mechanic learning phase.

During the BETA we will also be hosting different events to test the server in as many possible ways as we can, a major concern from the Q/A Team was that we were gonna make you level all the way from 1 to 60 on every single character. Now this is not the case! We would love if you guys level from 1 to whatever level in the first phase of the BETA, but we will of course be providing instant 60 down the road to uncover as many issues as we over all can throughout the entire game. Our goal is not to get quests 100% or zone environmental design to 100% only. We want everything to be in a good shape but we also want the end-game to be great. As that is where your real game lays. So sometime in the BETA we will provide lvl 60 boosts with decent blue rarity of items and you guys may take up on dungeons or even raids to test them out entirely with either 10 - 20 or even 40 people (this will depend a lot, but the oppertunity is there)

Our workload is also in a very good position compared to the BETA. By now you have seen the Github Bugreport and that is good, We want to publish our bugtracker and make it as wide open as over all possible. Thus you are able to see for yourself how we are as a server for you. We dont only bring a closing message to the reports. Sometimes we even bring full on discussions to figure out exactly what is wrong and what we are to do about it, we communicate with you to achieve a greater server and community.

  • Hopefully this was some juicy news for you guys, and we will continue to let you know what changes and what we are scheduling for you guys in this awesome up to come adventure


Here are the latest changes from the changelog this week.


  • All Classes given a mount at level 20 will now receive said mount at level 40 (The normal mount version) You will also be given the mount riding skill for 60% for free
  • All Classes given a mount at level 40 will now receive said mount at level 60 (The greater mount version)  You however do not receive the 100% speed for free at level 60 and this will have to be purchased by the in-game currency gold.
  • [Warlock] Summon Imp is now learned automatically at level 2 instead of 5. To compensate for the despawning Warlocks Pets (We are looking into this issue)
  • [Warlock] Fixed an issue where changing stacks of auras could lead to unwanted scaling of spells. All spells affected by this system has been corrected.
  • [Priest] Insanity will now diminish at 5 Insanity Per Tick instead of 2 when the Priest is in voidform.
  • [Mage] Fixed an issue where Mirror Images would go into a Melee Attack State, They now always cast their specilization specific spell. (Frostbolt, Fireball and Arcane Blast)
  • [Druid] Omen of Clarity now has a 10% Proc Chance on Auto-Attacks instead of 100%. With Talent "Moment of Clarity" you gain 20% Proc Chance on Auto-Attacks instead of previously 200%.


  • [Extinguishing Hope] Fixed an issue where Extinguishing the Vineyard Fire in Northshire would reward 2 credit points on the quest instead of 1 per fire.
  • [Further Concern] Re-Scripted the quests progression and automated the process a little more, to favor for the player.
  • [Battok the Berserker] Added a missing Quest-Object Creature Kill.
  • [Breaking out is Hard to Do] Resolved an issue where the worgs would aggro when player was in range. Now it will only aggro if master creature (Blackrock Worg Captain) is in range of 2 yards of the Worg.
  • [It's Alive!] - [Partial Fix] Vehicle Spell 1 [Reaping Blows] would seemingly not do any damage. This was fixed and you are now given an alternate version of that spell which does damage. Rocket boost is still being looked into.
  • [Stranglethorn Fever] Spawned missing Creature "Mokk the Savage" which is a quest objective, RP Event will be scripted later on.
  • [Yowler Must Die!] The item "Blackrock Invasion Plans" previously had 86% Drop Chance and now has a 100% Drop Chance.
  • [The Stolen Letters] The item "A Slashed Bundle of Letters" previously had 56% Drop Chance and now has a 100% Drop Chance. 
  • [The Winds of Loch Modan] The quest was previously offering the player a ride on Ando Blastenheimers Skystrider. The quest was re-written to ask the player to travel towards Algaz Station and Speak to Mountaineer Stormpike by foot across the lake instead. 
  • [Rasha'krak] Item Rasha'Kraks Bracers of Binding previously had had 56% Drop CHance but now has a 100% Drop Chance.
  • [Breaking the Chain] Quest Object Area was re-designed and now holds up to our standards in terms of quality.
  • [The Grol'dom Militia] Fixed an issue where some of the creatures were missing from their suggested spawn-points.
  • [And Last But Not Least... Danforth] will now have the correct quest [Return of the Braco Company] as a followup quest after completion.


  • Monster Sight (The Maximum Distance in Yards a monster can see the Players) was decreased from 50 Yards to 20 Yards. 
  • All Classes given a mount at level 40 will now receive said mount at level 60 (The greater mount version)  You however do not receive the 100% speed for free at level 60 and this will have to be purchased by the in-game currency gold.
  • Hogger no longer spawns minions when reaching 25% Health. This mechanic over all felt out of place and was causing its fair share of problems. RP Goes on as usual with minor issues with text not appearing (We are aware and are working on it)
  • Lazy Peons will return to their sleeping state 60 seconds after being awakened instead of 5 minutes. The sleeping state will also happen one second after the zone has been loaded in. Resolves a issue with Lazy Peons becoming "Invalid targets" when attempting to wake them up.
  • Removed a dupe of NPC Sergeant Curtis and added more natural behaviour to the remaining one.  [Bugreport]
  • Creatures no longer scale depending on the Player Level, This ensure that the creature will take proper Armor, Damage (taken) and Health Modifiers into account where it would previously not.
  • All Championing System related vendors introduced in WoTLK was removed from all major cities, furtherly deprecating the system.
  • Removed a dupe of Gizrul the Slavener in Lower Blackrock Spire. [Bugreport]


  • Addd a Bugtracker in the menu on the website as suggested by the community.
  • Health, Mana, Rage-Gain and Focus Regeneration/Gain was buffed by 20% making it a total rates of 85% from the 100% original state.
  • Fixed an issue where a Quest Item was purchasable for free and sell-able for 8 silver and 74 Copper. The item now costs 34 Silver to buy.
  • Despawned all creatures from Paladin Class Hall. Reserved Space for possible later use.
  • Fixed an issue where Duskbat Wing and Scavanger Paw would have a small chance to drop off of other mobs even not in the same creature family type.
  • Small Red,Green,Brown,Black and blue Poch's (6 slot bag) previously had 20-58% Drop Chance off of certain starter zone mobs. This was reduced to 0.1 to 0.3% drop chance instead.
  • Fixed an issue where Shallow Graves in Zul'Farrak would spawn an infinite amount of Zombies and also never despawn.


  • Further Cleanups and Quality Control has been carried out in Loch Modan.
  • Further Cleanups and Quality Control has been carried out in Blasted Lands.
  • Further Cleanups and Quality Control has been carried out in Lower Blackrock Spire.
  • Further Cleanups and Quality Control has been carried out in Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, The Stockades, Gnomeregan and Shadowfang Keep.
  • Onyxia's Lair was properly scaled down to level 60 and have been queued for full raid testing.


As always, we hope you enjoyed this devblog and we would like to Specifically Thank the Q/A Team for making such great effort to uncover as many issues as over all possible before the BETA. We the Path of Classic Team really appreciate it!

This Community is breathtaking.


Yours Truly, Path of Classic Staff

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