Path of Classic Devblog #6 - Recent Changes, New Core/Expansion and Development Progression!

November 21, 2020, 07:55 pm

Its been a while Champions!

Last week i (OMGhixD) decided to not post a DevBlog due to the fact that we changed from Legion to Cataclysm. Ultimately we had to start from scratch with all of the zone cleanups we had done. This was definitely something we dislike. But for the greater good we saw that an exchange of Zone Cleanups for almost near perfect Class/Spells Scripting was rather preferable. 

Which brings us to the next point of the DevBlog, We will have to re-gain control of the zones and ensure that they are cleaned up. This is definitely something that will take time and the utter un-cleanment will be rather noticable during the BETA. We do apologize for this in advance and ask that you give us some time to sort this out. (We will of course never release in such a state, just to point that out)

The Cataclysm Core we have obtained as excellent uptime, near perfected classes/spells, dungeon bosses/raid bosses and so much more in terms of scripting. But it is missing some nifty little detail-related data. We are well aware of this and we just ask for you guys to continue and post bug-reports and we shall take care of it over time.

Another core point would be Dungeons. Upon BETA you'll sometimes see dungeons being in a rather poor environmental design state. This will also be taken care of over time. We work our way from bottom to the top. And we will also be publishing a list that will let you know furtherly how our progress is. 

BETA will still happen the 27.11.2020 at 18:00 GMT, we hope you guys are excited for this!


Changes as of the past 2 weeks (from our changelogs channel)


  • - Gamon is now lvl 64 instead of 85.
  • - Characters are now saved every minute instead of every 15 minute (to ensure minimal loss of character progression in-case of a crash)
  • - Removed Static Creatures that are apart of an RP Scene within the hogger fight, These spawn when Hogger is near death.
  • - Removed an invisible creature near Hogger which would result in players becoming Combat Stuck.
  • - Removed a dupe menu option from "Inkeeper Kerntis"
  • - Removed a dupe of creature "Kranal Fiss"
  • - Flatland Prowler now has a normal running speed instead of being beyond slow.
  • - Bristleback Interloper no longer drops item Wdinfury Talon:4751
  • Fixed an issue where Hezrul's followers wouldn't aggro when he was aggroed. And his head (quest item) now has a 100% drop chance instead of 91%
  • - Fixed an issue where Burning Blade NPCs (Cinematic NPCs) were spawned in the accessible world. These should only "spawn" during the cinematic and continue to despawn when said cinematic was over.
  • - Fixed an issue where a static banner would be visible and loot-able. This banner instead now spawns from the creature quest kill objective (as intended)
  • - Fixed a few item drop chances that were quite off from the actual percentage it should've been.
  • - Changed the respawntimer of Ammo Dumps from 120s to 60s.
  • - Fixed an issue where "Lost Barrens Kodo" were target-able and kill-able.
  • - Fixed an issue where "Captured Brave" stayed inside their cage, instead of moving out, as well as lack of texts upon activation of the event.
  • - Aggro Radius was decreased from 100% to 75%. Aggro radius was previously very long/big.



  • - Ragefire Chasm was cleaned for dupes and incorrect creature spawns.
  • - All bosses have been given correct Classic loot in Ragefire Chasm.
  • - Wailing Caverns was cleaned for dupes and incorrect creature spawns.
  • - The Stockades was cleaned for dupes and incorrect creature spawns.


  • - Bernie's Necklace:981 now has a 100% Drop Chance.
  • - Liten Scap:1019 now has a higher chance of dropping.
  • - Plainstrider Beak:5087 was given a drop chance increasement to 75% from 35%, 45% and 50%
  • - Flatland Prowler Claw:5203 now has a drop chance of 85% instead of its original 35% and removed excess data of creatures dropping this item even tho they should not.


We apologize for the delayed Devblog Post(s). But we figured there was no reason to post a devblog when we had almost nothing to showcase. We also thank you for your continued support. You guys mean the world to us.


Much love from the Path of Classic Staff.

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