Rules and Regulationos

October 20, 2020

1.) Treat others as you would like to be treated back. In other words, be civil and respectful towards eachother!

2.) Do not post any explicit, illegal, disturbing, offensive or discriminating content. This is not the server for such!

3.) You are currently browsing :wowicon: World of Warcraft Path of Classic(s) Discord Server. it is forbidden to advertise other Private Servers, You may discuss Private Servers and or Retail. But this should be kept to a minimum!

4.) A decision made by The Staff is final unless officially changed. Appeals of any kind should be thought through with constructive criticism.

5.):wowicon: Rampage Staff [World of Warcraft Path of Classic Staff] are under all circumstances required to be neutral towards both or all parts when resolving service related disputes. Any post asking for the staff to take a perticular side is not tolerated and will be either deleted or poster will be muted, as it is an attempt of interrupting or sabotaging their job/task at the time.

6.) Spreading misinformation or untrue things about either Staff, Players or "who knows?" themselves. Will not be tolerated.

7.) Spreading, Distributing and or using tools intended for Harmful Purposes and or give players an un-fair advantage above others is stricktly forbidden!. Anyone found guilty of using said tools will be permanently banned from all of :wowicon: World of Warcraft Path of Classic(s) services

By the moment you join any of our Platforms you agree hereby to these rules and will follow them and report others violating them!

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